Fri, April 25, 2014, 13:20

Emergency Shut Down Valve (E.S.D.V)  KIASA NEW PRODUCT 

Emergency Shut Down Valve / Iran refinery



 KIASA has opened its new workshop on Iranian New Year 1393 ( April 2014) on NO.3 Industrial Estate on Arak . This new workshop with 5,000 sqm land and around 3,000 sqm covered area will equippe for Kiasa products 

KIASA designed a new type of Compact Safety Valves on series 420 & 920 . These new design are completely meet the end users requirements and can meet the high temperature requirements. 

 KIASA designed a new type of Emergency Shut Down Valve (ESDV) .Please contact us for more information

 KIASA has started fabrication of large size of PIG TRAPS 46"X 42" ANSI 900 

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