Sat, September 20, 2014, 14:27
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has opened its new workshops. These workshops with 5,000 sqm land and around 3,000 sqm covered area will equippe for Kiasa products including : ACTUATORS & SAFETY VALVES 

 will offer two softwares  for its customers :
Sizing & Selection of Actuators  ( kia-star one )
Sizing & Selection of Safety Valves (kia-star two)

has passed successfully all technical requirements of KALA NAFT TEHRAN , and its name has added to this company VENDOR LIST for different kinds of ACTUATORS

 has passed successfully CAPACITY CHARGE SPECIFICATION TEST in most modern laboratory in Europe. you may ask us our Capacity Charge Table enable you to select your safety valve easily, please contact us

designed a new type of Emergency Shut Down Valve (ESDV) .Please contact us for more information



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